Speaker: Elli Sparks, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Wednesday, October 30th at Noon

Please mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 30th¬†at¬†121pm in the GIS Lab (Science Center Room 207),¬†if you are interested in learning more about legislative¬†political action, climate advocacy, and citizen lobbying from the Field Development Director of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Elli Sparks. (There will be food!)
Citizens’ Climate Lobby¬†(CCL)¬†is¬†an international nonprofit focused on building support in Congress for a national bipartisan solution to climate change and increasing civic engagement.¬†They have recently:
  • Successfully worked with Congress to introduce (H.R. 763)¬†The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act¬†of 2019. CCL supports this bill, and is working towards its re-introduction in the Senate, and its passage through Congress.
  • Instrumental in establishing the¬†House Climate Solutions Caucus, a bipartisan group in the US House of Representatives which will explore policy options that address the impacts, causes, and challenges of our changing climate.
  • Partnered with California state legislature to pass a¬†resolution¬†calling on the federal government to enact Carbon Fee and Dividend nationwide.

Elli¬†is committed to the success of CCL volunteers working to start new chapters in communities across the United States. She hosts CCL‚Äôs weekly Introductory Calls and trains volunteers around the world to lead Climate Advocate Training Workshop; she also works closely with volunteers in coal and agricultural communities, ensuring that all voices find a place at the solutions table‚Äďa passion founded on her own family roots in Appalachia and rural Maryland.

Elli’s work is informed by her fifteen years in nonprofit management and by her founding and leadership of Virginia’s first CCL chapter, where she gained experience in nearly every volunteer role. She lives on a family farm in rural Virginia, where she rotates her cattle through the pasture to store carbon in soil and plants.

Please do try to come! It’s a great opportunity to find your voice and political will for climate solutions.¬†We also have a chapter at OWU if you want to stay involved!


Mahnoor Ansari,

Campus Leader, CCL OWU

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