ENVS Contributions to the Woltemade Big Problem Challenge, Spring 2024

The The Woltemade Big Problem Challenge asks students to engage “entrepreneurial thinking to create a plan that could improve water quality in the Ohio River and/or Lake Erie. (The) plan should rely on a business-focused solution to improve water quality in these bodies of water.”

As part of the Spring ’24 Conversations Towards a Sustainable Future course, five groups of students (consisting primarily of new freshmen majors and graduating seniors) are developing entries for the Challenge.

These ideas were developed quickly and with students having little student background in business or entrepreneurial concepts. I think it’s working out really well.

Dr. Matt Vollrath of the Department of Economics and Business is helping us with these projects this semester.

Slides on each of the projects were shared at the Feb. 7 Sustainability tAsk Force Meeting. Contact the students, or me (jbkrygier@owu.edu) with feedback!

Citizen science water testing kits – Brandon Edwards, Ashley Bahrey, Caroline Cane

Saline Solutions – Ryan McKee, Alex Bzdafka, Luke Miller

Invasive Jewelry – Abbie Kline, Lauren Hollinger, Ella Neuenschwander, Braden Saeler, Payton Andisman

Elemental Advances – Using Sandstone to Heal Local Water Sources – Matt Kelly, Charlie Hornacek, Andrea Pichardo, Owen Dooley,

Environmentally Friendly Stickers – Chris Nagle, Neah White, Jordan Glover, Hayden Kelner, Maria Thibodeaux