Environmental & Sustainability Internships for 2016

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Ohio Wesleyan’s Environmental Studies Program and Sustainability Task Force have formalized several internship opportunities for students at the Stratford Ecological Center and the City of Delaware. The internships are suitable for credit via the 495 Apprenticeship or Internship credit most departments offer (you will need a faculty member to agree to oversee the 495 credit). The internships can happen in the spring semester, and, potentially, in the summer.

Please let Dr. Anderson, Dr. Amador, or Dr. Krygier know if you have any questions.

City of Delaware Internship:

The City of Delaware is seeking student interns to work on sustainability planning for Spring 2016. Interns would work with Public Service Director Dan Whited to identify sustainability needs and priorities for Delaware and would also work with the Sustainability Task Force at Ohio Wesleyan University to highlight areas where the city and university could partner to move sustainability efforts forward. Students will gain valuable experience in city planning and the workings of city government. Students can gain academic credit for this internship by signing up for a unit of 495 (apprenticeship credit) with a faculty supervisor at Ohio Wesleyan.

Interested students should contact Dr. John Krygier or Dr. Nathan Amador for more information.

Stratford Ecological Center Internship:

Spring 2016 internships are available at the Stratford Ecological Center. The internship can focus on a range of topics related to sustainable agriculture and environmental education, such as organic gardening, bee-keeping, agroforestry and maple syrup production, and sustainable animal husbandry. The attached flier provides more information. Stratford Interns need an on-campus faculty supervisor in order to gain course credit through the 495 class section. Download a flyer (here) for more information.

Interested students should contact Dr. Anderson for more information.


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