Database Upload and Submission Form

When submitting please include as much information as possible. If relevant include all data, numbers, figures, pictures, proposals, summaries, important correspondences including email, important contacts with full name and email/phone number, funding information, costs, timeline, etc.

Please make sure the title is descriptive of what you are submitting. For example, "Solar Panel Update" would be better than "Another Sunny Project".
This will be the post content. You can copy and paste content from documents into this space or use this space to the describe documents that you upload below. If you would like pictures in the content please note the place where the picture would be along with the name and upload all pictures below.
Briefly describe what you are uploading. If this is a independent study, class project, house project, club project, WCSA project, SIP project, or TIPPIT project please specify that. Note that this section will not be included in the post but serves as helpful metadata for us to categorize your submission.
Pick the topic that best fits your project/information.
Please select what project/subject you are contributing to. Only choose other if NO OTHER PROJECT fits!
Please include all of your contacts for this project/submission with email/phone number. Please include these in your content area as well.
Choose the location that best fits your information
If you chose location as "other" specify here. Please provide latitude and longitude in addition to a description. You can get these values by opening Google Maps, right clicking on the desired location, selecting "What's Here?" and copying the numbers at the bottom of the location box that appears.
Please Upload all relevant files including excel datasheets, text proposals and summarys, powerpoint presentations, screenshots of relevant emails, and pictures. The more information and pieces the better. Also try uploading pieces individually instead of a single document with all data tables, pictures and information together. If needed you can upload a comprehensive document with all of those and each of the individual pieces. Please make your file name as descriptive as possible as to its contents. In order to select more than one item in the browse window, hold control while you select all of your media. You will need to select all documents and media in the same browser window. If you upload something and pull up the browser window a second time the initial document will be replaced.