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Welcome to the OWU Sustainability Database. This database serves as a collection of information about all sustainability projects at OWU, past present and future.

We hope that this shall serve as the starting point for anyone interesting to working on sustainability projects at OWU. There is still a lot to be done but without information the process is slow and fraught with failure. This database is a way to not lose the hours of work that individuals put into projects during their time at OWU or the progress they achieved. By archiving important information and past efforts we can better tailor our future efforts and not continue to make the same mistakes or redo the work already done before us.

Please note that all information presented here does not represent the opinions of Ohio Wesleyan University nor are most of these projects official. This simply serves as a common ground for communication among individuals at OWU. We will strive to maintain a level of reliability and professionalism in the data presented here. However this is an archive of many non-official (but important) documents. Please make a submission if you have relevant information. An upload form can be found in the sidebar to the right.

The database includes categories for each project. Individuals can then add to each of the over 100 projects here. The projects are organized into relevant topics: Energy, Waste, Buildings/Grounds, Water, Food, Transportation, Administration, Research/Education, Community/Delaware. You can explore these below. In addition, the projects are sorted into the four sustainability plan goals. Not all of the projects on those pages are part of the current sustainability plan but they represent where in the plan they would be placed if they were added.







Research & Education



Commit to a Sustainable Future on Campus and in the Community
Reduce Our Impact on Global Climate Change
Increase Our Health and Well-being
Live Better on Campus and on Earth